Sunday, 10 January 2016


I confess I am much better at socialising and being a good friend online than I am in the flesh. Face to face I am socially awkward, and get more and more uncomfortable the larger the group, so most serious social occasions completely freak me out - a wedding reduces me to an incoherent puddle. When I can give all my attention to one person it's fine, I can listen properly to both what they say verbally and their body language, and give them the considered responses they deserve. Put me in a crowd and there is simply more input than I can process comfortably at the speed required.

I suspect that this makes me seem both stupid and anti social to many, but it's not the case - I love people, and am distressed when I can't give each person my full attention. I just can't do the superficial thing that becomes required when in large groups. Perhaps I simply care too much about everyone! As I was once told "your circle of concern is larger than your circle of influence, so you get overloaded." As good an explanation as I've heard so far!

So, thank you to all my online friends for giving me the opportunity to be the kind of supportive friend I've always wanted to be, and apologies to all my face-to-face family and friends who never got my best because there have always been too many of you at once!

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