Sunday, 3 January 2016

Inconspicuous Reduced Consumption

In our bathroom there is a little basket ( one of many lovely gifts from @bagladee!) which contains some scrappy rags. We no longer use toilet paper, which clogs drains and uses vast quantities of wood pulp (the production of which uses enormous quantities of energy and water, and puts poisonous chemicals into our environment) but use these rags, which are much more comfortable on one's tender portions, and go into a tub of disinfectant and are quickly washed every couple of days. Since we started doing this in October, we have bought no toilet paper, though we keep some for guests.
Talking of washing, we put our used clothes in a tub of detergent solution at night, and I was the contents by hand every couple of days. It takes me less than half an hour for 2 days accumulation of washing, uses a fraction of the detergent and hot water used by a machine, and, courtesy of a spin dryer donated by a dear friend, is usually dry within 12 hours.
We also use no shampoos or conditioners, having given them up nearly 2 years ago, in favour of bicarbonate of soda for washing our hair, and cider vinegar for conditioner. We no longer have dandruff or eczema, and my hair is healthier and stronger than it's ever been.
There are so many ways we can live without commercial products, why don't you explore your options and save yourself money, as well as reducing your costs and hitting the corporations in their wallets!

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